James F.

James started his musical journey when he joined Bard Oberon’s band Storm in early 1993. The band was short lived, and after releasing the demo, Wintermoon, he went on to form his own group, Cenotaph, releasing a demo called The Winds are calling. He spent the next two decades performing, touring and recording with groups such as Antaios, This Negative Karma and Unpure, before joining the industrial metal band Artifact, releasing two albums, The Only Salvation 2008 and Desolation 2013. After 11 years in Artifact, James quit the band to explore other styles of music and formed a progressive rock band called Sons of Zero. Late 2016, with over 20 years since the Storm demo. Oberon and James connected again. Sharing many of the same visions on how the art of music should be, James joined Oberon.

In this modern world of plastic souls and fake icons, we as humans have lost our way. Where has the power of truth, freedom, respect, kindness and love gone? Clearly we are on the wrong path.  Do we want to end up broken and destroyed by narcissistic people and the God of Profit? Think, because life is yours to explore.
— James F.