A collection of interviews going back to the 1990s. 


LORDS OF METAL EZINE (NL, 2014) by Vera Matthijsens

One of the most beautiful surprises of 2014 is the release of a new Oberon album, and we did not expect that. When ’Dream Awakening’ appeared to be a gem of spiritual beauty on a bed of pure, healing sounds, our happiness was complete. Spontaneously some questions bubbled up in us and as you can see Bard Titlestad – that’s the name of the moving spirit of Oberon – has answered them with poetic eloquence. It is truly enchanting reading this, just as ‘Dream Awakening’ still fills us with admiration every time we listen to it.

OBSKURE MAGAZINE (FRANCE, 2014) by Yänn Mondragon

In depth interview about myths, roots, mysteries and what truly moves the creative world of Oberon.

METAL RIOT (USA, 2014) by Morgan Y. Evans

We talk gnostic poems, Bill Miller, Ebola, 80′s movies, “Phoenix” and more.

SPAZIOROCK (ITALIA, 2014) by Riccardo Coppola

A thirteen years long creative exile, and a revived desire to sing about the human journey towards knowledge: Oberon's awakening lands on our pages!


ROCK AREA (Poland, 2014) by Piotr Michalski