On visionary geography



"The French scholar Henry Corbin of the Sorbonne spoke about Visionary Geography, a fantastic concept, where in the case of a mountain, for instance, when you perceive it with not only your eyes, but also your imagination, you see its’ true nature. You see it both as a topographical object as well as a spiritual being, and in this way – in my opinion – you can see the true nature of something. If I think about you as a biological entity, it doesn’t tell me anything beyond what you are as a colony of cells, bacteria, atoms and so on. But when I see you through the eye of the imagination, I see a cosmic being, which in the language of myth would have his feet rooted deep in the heart of the earth, and the soul connected with the very source of the cosmic mind itself. If we see each other like this, we see how valuable life is and what potential we have." 

-  excerpt from a recent interview in Obskure Magazine.