Bard Oberon

Oberon was founded in 1994 by Bard Oberon as a vehicle for his lifelong studies and interests such as the forces that move civilization, hermeticism and rosicrucianism, gnostic spirituality and natural magic.

Influences: Jean Ferrat, Scott Walker, Death In June, Sol Invictus, The Smashing Pumpkins, 80s Thrash metal, Neo Folk/Alternative, Hacker and cyber punk culture, Angelo Badalamenti, Carl Jung, Henry Corbin, Anagarika Govinda and Jocellyn Godwin, Ayn Rand, Charles Bukowski and J.G. Bennett.

“When you’ve been doing this for many years, influences stop being specific, they form a greater, more ambiguous and diffuse backdrop to the creative impulse. The ABCs become a language”.

For Oberon, music is primarily work of a shamanistic and spiritual nature. As expressed in songs such as “Dark World”, “Dream Awakening”, “Worlds apart” and “True Love” Oberon identifies as a gnostic following the philanthropic ideology of transcendental anarchism, the true natural state of every man and woman no matter what racial, sexual or spiritual claim they make.

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